Investing in Energy Capital ED

Investing in Energy Capital Economic Development


It is with pleasure that I introduce you to Energy Capital Economic Development – formerly known as Campbell County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC). Energy Capital ED is a dynamic, evolving organization with a goal of making Campbell County a great place to do business. Campbell County has a wealth of culture, industry, and energy that make it an especially rewarding place to live and work. As the new CEO of Energy Capital ED, I am excited to be part of our organization's future and hope to bring the organization new direction, stability, creativity, and success. It is my goal that Energy Capital ED's investments of time, consultation, and capital will make Campbell County an even better place to do business, and not only attract new business, but grow our existing businesses as well.

In Campbell County we need to capitalize on our abundant natural resources, highly skilled labor, supportive government partners, and friendly business climate to grow economic opportunities and diversify our existing economy. We need to recognize that the primary goal of economic development should be the retention and expansion of existing employers, while also attracting new industries and businesses. We need to ensure that our businesses have access to skilled labor and that our community's quality of life is attractive to those looking to relocate.

Mission: Stimulate and facilitate a diverse economy through business retention, expansion, and recruitment

Vision: Energy Capital ED is the community leader supporting and promoting an environment that sustains and generates employment and a healthy, growing and diverse economy.


Dedication – Responsibility – Innovation – Vision – Ethics –


With the help of local business, community leaders, and state, county, and city government, Energy Capital ED has successfully developed a strong, pro-business climate in Campbell County. We are the prominent private, not-for-profit corporation leading economic advancement in Gillette and Campbell County. Building and sustaining a strong economy requires coordination between Energy Capital ED and its valued investors. We have recognized our past miss-steps and are ready to capitalize on today's opportunities. Economic development is a process, not an event. In order to be successful, we must have a focused long-term plan built upon good fundamental decisions and investments. The new Energy Capital ED is focused on the long-term development and growth of primary business. We will utilize our past work, great Board of Directors, and new vision to advance economic development in Campbell County.

Now is the opportunity for you and your business to help ensure the long-term viability and vibrance of our community by making Campbell County a good place for not only current businesses and employees, but our children as well. We need to make sure that Campbell County is an attractive place for our local graduates to return and ensure that they have access to good jobs with good pay.

I invite you to join the Leaders of Gillette by investing in Energy Capital ED.

Phil Christopherson,


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