Why Campbell County

Business Opportunities

Why your business will thrive in Campbell County:

Campbell County has all of the resources that businesses need to grow, expand and thrive.   We have the workforce, locations, supportive city and county governments, local businesses looking for suppliers, partners and customers, Interstate, rail and commercial jet transportation services and most of all - a great community in which to live, grow and play.

In addition to the reasons listed above to investigate Campbell County, there are many additional factors that make Campbell County and Gillette the right place for your business. These include: a progressive and hard work business attitude in the area, the quality of the workforce, the welcoming nature of the community, the business friendly attitude of the businesses, leaders and government and the support and assistance available from many local and statewide agencies. In Campbell County you will find a dedicated, skilled workforce that is available and ready to work. Consider the following points:

  • Locations available that have direct rail access.
  • Easy access to Interstate 90
  • Daily scheduled flights on United to Denver
  • City, County, local Economic Development staff eager and willing to work with and assist a new manufacturing business
  • Support and assistance from manufacturing specialists

We invite you to explore this community as the place to expand your growing and developing business. Campbell County provides many advantages for businesses including the benefits of a regional business center while maintaining the quality of small town life. We have a diverse local economy, which includes light manufacturing, high speed internet service, agriculture, retail, mineral and energy businesses. The population of Campbell County is just under 50,000 and we are the business, educational and retail hub of the Powder River Basin and North East Wyoming.



Energy Capital Economic Development Corporation is the local economic development entity and has worked with many companies relocating or expanding into Gillette. It is our desire to work with businesses that see the many positive rewards for doing business in Gillette and want to take full advantage of those benefits. Energy Capital ED will work hard for the business that wants to come and be a part of the community.