Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Brian Ailts

    Brian Ailts

    Board Position - Vice President

    Company - First National Bank of Gillette

    Company Position - Senior Lender

    Raised on a farm in Minnesota, Brian graduated from South ...

  • Jeff Bumgarner

    Jeff Bumgarner

    Board Position – President

    Company – Powder River Energy Corporation

    Company Position – Vice President of Member Service

    Jeff grow up in rural Oregon, the son of a ...

  • Tom Brantz

    Tom Brantz

    Board Position - Treasurer

    Company - First Interstate Bank

    Company Position - President

    Wyoming Native; Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming Started employment with First Interstate Bank in ...

  • Tyler Miller

    Tyler Miller

    Board Position - Board Secretary

    Company - Earth Work Solutions

    Company Position - Owner & President

    Tyler Miller is the President and Owner of Earth Work Solutions, a heavy ...




  • Cody Harrod

    Cody Harrod

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Komatsu

    Company Position - Sales Manager

    Cody is born and raised Gillette, Wyoming and a strong supporter of our community and it’s ...

  • Dana Miller-Eiland

    Dana Miller-Eiland

    Board Position -  Past President

    Company - Sign Boss, LLC

    Company Position - The Boss

    Dana and her husband, Rick Eiland, started SignBoss LLC in September of 2010. ...

  • Jeff Wasserburger

    Jeff Wasserburger

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Campbell County School District

    Company Position - Director of Public Relations

    Elected position - State Senator, District 23

    Jeff has served the students and citizens ...

  • Jim Ford

    Jim Ford

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Wyoming Infrastructure Authority

    Company Position - Operations Manager for the Integrated Test Center

    Jim is a Wyoming native and lifelong Campbell County ...

  • Jim Hastings

    Jim Hastings

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Campbell County Cemetery District

    Company Position - Board President

  • Josh McGrath

    Josh McGrath

    Board Position - Director

    Company - ERA Priority Real Estate

    Company Position - Owner & President

    Josh has long been a strong supporter of our community.  He is ...

  • Lori Manning

    Lori Manning

    Board Position - Director

    Company - S&S Builders

    Company Position - General Manager

    Lori grew up in Wyoming and has been a Gillette resident since 1987.  She joined ...

  • Louise Carter-King

    Louise Carter-King

    Board Position - Director

    Company - City of Gillette

    Company Position - Mayor

    Louise has been a resident of Gillette since 1975 and became a business owner In 1978 ...

  • Rusty Bell

    Rusty Bell

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Campbell County

    Company Position - Commissioner

    Rusty was born and raised in Gillette, Wyoming. After graduating high school in 1992 from Campbell ...

  • Scott Durgin

    Scott Durgin

    Board Position - Director

    Company - Peabody Energy - Powder River Basin Operations

    Company Position - Senior Vice President

    Mr. Durgin joined Peabody Energy in 1995 and has ...




  • Gail Lofing

    Gail Lofing

    Gail Lofing, IOM, is Executive Director at the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce.  She has been with the Chamber for 16 years.  Her background is ...

  • Janell Oberlander

    Janell Oberlander

    Janell Oberlander is the Vice President of Gillette College and has spent nearly three decades as a higher education professional.  She is passionate about creating ...





  • Curtis Burdette

    Curtis Burdette

    Board Position - Staff

    Company - Energy Capital Economic Development

    Company Position - Vice President of Operations

    Curtis Burdette is the Vice President of Operations at Energy Capital Economic ...

  • Marci Kelhi

    Marci Kelhi

    Board Position - Staff

    Company - Energy Capital Economic Development

    Company Position - Office Administrator

  • Phil Christopherson

    Phil Christopherson

    Board Position - Staff

    Company - Energy Capital Economic Development

    Company Position - CEO

    Phil is a Wyoming native and has lived in the state most of his ...


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