You Are Invited.

Please join us Aug. 2 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. for a presentation by Dick McGinity, former University of Wyoming President, and Joe McGinley, owner of McGinley Orthopedics, on the Wyoming Invests Now (WIN) program. The presentation will be held in the Cottonwood Room at the George Amos Memorial Building, 412 S. Gillette Ave., in Gillette.
WIN is a new opportunity for Wyoming entrepreneurs and businesses to raise capital financing. WIN gives small businesses the opportunity to raise up to $2 million dollars in capital by turning to local investors for financial backing.
WIN is a form of crowdfunding, which raises money from a number of people for startups and various projects. Most online crowdfunding platforms do not offer any monetary return for contributors. WIN, however, will provide equity crowdfunding options that were previously unavailable because of prohibitive regulations on investments. Recent legislation in Wyoming opened up crowdfunding as a new means to acquire capital in Wyoming.
This presentation will explain more about WIN and how it works. RSVPs ( are appreciated, but not required.