Wyoming Innovation Center Open for Business

The Wyoming Innovation Center (WyIC) is open for business.  A ribbon cutting was held on June 14 with over 140 people in attendance.

Wyoming Innovation Center (WyIC).JPG

This new and unique coal to products facility has the potential to completely change the future economic base in Campbell County while preserving and supporting our current minerals based economy.


The Wyoming Innovation Center (WyIC) – Wyoming’s technology innovation center dedicated to developing advanced carbon products using coal and coal by-products as the primary raw material.

The Wyoming Innovation Center (WyIC) is a research-to-commercialization facility intended to accelerate research from lab level to pre-commercialization.  Lab-level research that has proven to be potentially profitable needs to be scaled up to prove the commercialization potential.  The WyIC provides a location with facilities in place to conduct the scale-up work for Rare Earth Elements, Critical Minerals, and other high-value non-fuel coal products.

Built on 9.5 acres in the Fort Union industrial park, the WyIC provides seven pads or locations where pilot plants can be built, operated, and monitored.  A 4,000 square foot building will provide office, lab, and workspace for tenants.  Utilizing the labs and workspace research and practical application of previous work can be verified, modified, and advanced to prove the commercial potential of the processes.  In addition, there will be a 1,500 square foot materials handling building where incoming raw materials can sized for the processes being evaluated.

Wyoming Innovation Center -WyIC Overview