SBDC Welcomes New Regional Director

P.J. Burns
Regional Director
Wyoming SBDC Network

What is your role at Wyoming SBDC Network and how did you get here?
I recently joined the Wyoming SBDC Network as Regional Director for the five-county region in northeast Wyoming. I cover Sheridan, Johnson, Campbell, Crook and Weston counties. My role is to provide educational business advising, leadership, vision, and oversight for individuals in this region of Wyoming. My previous work experience as well as my passion for small business make this an exciting and very rewarding position.

How does Wyoming SBDC Network support local businesses?
The SBDC is a statewide program that offers technical assistance and advising
to Wyoming businesses and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their
potential for success. The SBDC supports local businesses by offering advising
at all stages of a business life cycle. From helping entrepreneurs start or
purchase a business, helping businesses with marketing and sales, guidance
on how to find funding for expansion, assistance with government contracting,
and advice on business strategy including succession planning. The Regional
Directors across the state have helped business owners understand and apply
for COVID-related assistance throughout the pandemic. Every week, the
Wyoming SBDC Network offers webinars with a variety of timely business
topics brought to you by professionals in the field. Currently, through CARES
Act funding, these webinars are completely free of charge. All services offered
through the Wyoming SBDC Network are free to any business in Wyoming and
completely confidential.

In your new roles at Wyoming SBDC Network, how do you hope to
impact individuals and businesses in Gillette and Campbell County as
well as the other communities you support?
It is my goal to help the economy grow across Campbell County and NE
Wyoming. Small and mid-sized businesses are the major drivers of economic
growth. In my new role, I can have an impact on our region’s economic
sustainability and our quality of life.

What would you say to an entrepreneur who has a great idea for a business?
Do your homework. Research your idea, does it solve a problem? Is it
something that people will want to purchase? What will it take for your idea to
“get off the ground”? Who are your ideal customers and how do you attract
them to your product or service? Because “Success is where preparation and
opportunity meet.” ~ Bobby Unser

At the end of the day, what makes you feel good about what you do?
At the end of the day, I think we all want to know that what we do is important
and has a positive impact. It is very personally fulfilling to be a part of an
organization where the people are passionate about the success of
entrepreneurs and business owners across the state.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done so far this summer?
I wouldn’t exactly call my life exciting, but the best part of my summer thus far
has been our annual family camping trip where we enjoyed boating and pulling
the kids (and adults) around on the tube.