Micky Shober

Board Position - Director

Company - Campbell County

Company Position - County Commissioner

Born and raised on a family ranch in Northern Campbell County as a 3rd-generation resident, Micky has experience in agriculture, education, business and energy.  He gives generously of his time and expertise by serving on numerous boards and holding leadership positions to help guide Campbell County. Micky spent 10 years serving on the school board to ensure not only his grandchildren but every child had a quality education.

Micky Shober demonstrates his integrity by consistently using quality building practices and exceeding expected standards. This establishes Shober Builders, 25 years and strong, as the premier builder in Northeastern Wyoming. As the first homebuilder to offer tested ENERGY STAR rated homes in the area, he and his wife Linda strive to offer homes that are built for Campbell County’s children’s children.
Family values drive Micky to excel in all aspects and take a pro-active role in the past, present and future of the area. His father’s experience as a World War II B-24 pilot and POW anchors Micky’s interest in honoring all veterans and in teaching his 11 grandchildren that history. Micky and Linda have taught their four grown children to take pride in doing any task well and be life-long learners. Micky’s love of learning is evident as he researches about any new issue, such as the LXBar Ranch historical project, and talks to the people involved to ensure he sees an accurate view. Desiring the best for Campbell County and its residents, Micky whole-heartedly dedicates himself to his current role as County Commissioner. He was elected in 2010, Chairman in 2012 and re-elected in 2014.