L&H Industrial

L&H Industrial
Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Gillette, L&H Industrial is a leader in technology innovations, custom manufacturing, and comprehensive services for heavy industrial machinery used in mining, oil and gas, railways and other industries. Today, in its third-generation as a family business, L&H Industrial has offices on five continents and more than 500 employees dedicated to delivering outstanding service and innovations for the biggest and hardest-working machines on the planet.
L&H Industrial can custom-engineer and build, from the ground up, any heavy equipment assembly or machine needed. Its worldwide 24/7 Field Services network is on the job whenever customers need heavy equipment troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilds, relocations or replacements. And thanks to its specialized Design & Engineering and state-of-the-art Manufacturing & Repair services, L&H Industrial is a go-to international supplier for improved components and custom assemblies for heavy industrial machinery.
L&H Industrial’s leadership thinks generations ahead, asking “What kind of business do we want to be, both in today’s business world and in 50 years? What will be our legacy for the sixth generation of people working at L&H?”
The answer is simple: One that is honestly better.
So that’s how L&H Industrial approaches its business: grounded in integrity, focused on quality, driven by innovation. And that’s the culture of the company: honest, hard-working, proactive. And that’s why they always, always do what’s right and go above-and-beyond for their customers—because they believe relationships transcend transactions.
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