Jim Ford

Board Position - Director

Company - Wyoming Infrastructure Authority

Company Position - Operations Manager for the Integrated Test Center

Jim is a Wyoming native and lifelong Campbell County resident.

He is currently contracted by the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority to assist as Operations Manager for the Integrated Test Center at Dry Fork Station.  Jim also works on behalf of the Campbell County Commission in Gillette as their Energy and Industry Advisor, leading development efforts for the Advanced Carbon Products Innovation Center a local, State and Federal collaboration focused on emerging coal-to-products technologies.  His career has centered on the regional energy sector in capital facilities design and construction, project management, oil and gas development, energy transportation, and rail terminal operations.  Experiences in coal-based technologies range from bio-enhanced coal seam gas production to manufacturing of activated carbon employing a novel process of entrained flow flash calcination.

Jim is Partner and General Manager of the Fort Union Industrial Park, serves on the Energy Capital Economic Development Board of Directors and lives in Gillette with his wife Kandis and children Ethan and Sarah.