FUEL Profile: Welcome Home Cleaning

Tristan Acuna, Owner

Welcome Home Cleaning


What’s your name and role in the company?

Tristan - I'm the owner of Welcome Home Cleaning


Tell us a little bit about what your business does.

Welcome Home Cleaning provides a variety of services to both residential and commercial clients.  We offer move-in/out services, rental services, deep cleans, as well as basic upkeep.


How have you and your business evolved?

I started cleaning houses in order to help pay bills when my husband got laid off right before the holidays - we had little kids and I wanted to make sure we could get through Christmas. Since then, Welcome Home Cleaning has become a full-time business, now with several employees and a client base, I never could have imagined. It's become something that not only helps support my family but also the families of my employees. I've been absolutely blown away by the amount of recognition we've received in this past year alone and continue to be beyond grateful for both my clients and my amazing crew that works every day to deliver the best service we possibly can.


How has being a part of the FUEL Business Incubator been helpful for you and your business?

I feel like the FUEL program has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. In the short time Welcome Home Cleaning has been part of the Incubator, we've seen tremendous growth in clientele as well as referrals. The credibility that has come with being associated with the FUEL Incubator, and the professionals who are included in this program has no doubt helped Welcome Home Cleaning stand out as a legitimate business that intends to stay.


What do you want others to know about your business?

It's important to me that others know personal relationships with my clients will always be one of the most important and rewarding aspects of this business to me. I never want to outgrow that. It's important to me that both myself and my crew have come to know our clients as so much more than a spot on our schedule. We learn about our client's families, their jobs, we meet and build relationships with their children, and their pets. There have been times we've been on location and have celebrated good news our clients have just received - and times where we've been the ones there when they've gotten bad news as well.  Our clients are always so grateful to have their homes cared for - and often tell us so, but what they don't realize is some days, they really do make the difference in our whole day.


What would you tell someone else thinking of starting a business in Gillette?

Customer service is everything. If you can create a business where your clients feel like they are your most important priority - they'll keep coming back. I think that is a quality that too often gets pushed aside. Gillette competition is fierce, and word travels fast - regardless of what industry you're in. Your quality has to stand out and make a statement, and it all begins with how you interact with your customers/clients. You can have the best product in town,  but if you're not enjoyable to work with or if the people you hire to represent you aren't enjoyable to work with—your business will suffer for it.


At the end of the day, what makes you feel good about what you do?

I have to remind myself when things get hard of how far this has come. My first goal was to pay the electric bill, and hopefully put some presents under the tree for my kids - nothing bigger ever crossed my mind. Recently, I've allowed myself to really step back and look at the big picture and I'm overcome with pride. Pride for a company that against all odds has succeeded. I knew nothing about business when I started.  I'm beyond proud of my crew how much they continue to amaze me, with both their dedication and the growth they push for. Without them, none of this would be possible.


Tell us something that others might not know about you

I'm an avid reader - thrillers are my absolute favorite.

I have the best parents (probably in the entire world).

I own an embarrassing amount of shoes - even though I basically live in work clothes.

My dream job was to be a pilot for the United States Coast Guard.

I am an animal lover - and my family always jokes someday I'll no longer be here because I tried to pet something I shouldn't

I participated in the Miss Wyoming Pageant

I love fishing