FUEL Profile: MaLinda Perry Consulting

MaLinda Perry
MaLinda Perry Consulting, LLC
Owner/Certified Master Coach

Describe what your business does.
Our business MaLinda Perry Consulting gives
individuals the permission to be their uniquely talented
self. We run assessments to find an individual’s
strengths and then teach them how to use these
strengths. We offer coaching sessions, teach parenting
classes, team building, student academic plans. We
work closely with Gallup and Incredible Family.

Who are your clients/who most benefits from your services?
Our clients are anyone who wants move forward in personal relationships,
parenting, and within an organization. They have a sense that there is more to
them than what others see.

What are your recent accomplishments?
We have recently added three new coaches to our team. Two live here in
Campbell County and another in Colorado Springs. We will continue to work
with the Gillette Wild moving into the next season. We are partnering with 34
Strong to coach individuals who work for the California Department of Public
Health. We are also partnering with Charles Schwab and coaching their
employees. I am in the process of expanding to a new area within the company
and writing a book.

How do you define success?
Success to me is when we see our clients come out from behind the shadows
of previous beliefs or struggles.

How has the FUEL Business Incubator program helped you?
FUEL has helped me build a tribe of mentors. People who have my best
interest at heart and WANT to see my company be successful and grow. I have
always told high school students when speaking at career day that Gillette has
amazing opportunities for growth. FUEL is proof in the pudding.
At the end of the day, what makes you feel good about what you do?
At the end of the day when a client says, “So, what I thought were weaknesses
are actually MY STRENGTHS” is the Best… Day… EVER! I love giving people
the ability to see themselves through a positive lens.

Before MaLinda Perry Consulting, what was the most unusual or
interesting job you’ve ever had?
I started working at 15. There are a lot of jobs over the years on both
coasts. Kitchen designer is one that afforded me a national award and some
amazing clients.