CBH CoOp/FCA Farmer’s Cooperative

The Farmers Cooperative Association was formed by local ranchers in 1928 to supply a variety of products and services to customers and members in northeast Wyoming. While the core of the Cooperative remains farm & ranch supplies, product offerings also include clothing & boots, hardware, bulk petroleum, propane, lubricants, feed, and much more. To help serve customers, FCA has six locations in Gillette and Sundance, allowing FCA to serve Campbell, Crook and Weston counties.
Farmers Cooperative’s bulk fuel/propane facilities in Gillette and Sundance serve residential, commercial and industrial customers.
FCA takes pride in growing and adapting to fit the needs of customers in Northeast Wyoming and the surrounding area.
On May 1, 2018, FCA merged with CBH CoOp, headquartered in Sturgis, SD.