Butch Knutson

Board Position - Director

Company - Campbell County

Company Position - Commissioner

Butch Knutson is a longtime resident and business owner in Campbell County, and has just won a seat on the Campbell County Commission.

Butch has spent 17 years in the coal mines and 30 years in the oilfield, and he also has more than 30 years of ranching experience. He said this helps him relate to the everyday working people while also providing a deeper understanding of the backbone of this community.

Knutson’s top priorities are keeping Campbell County a booming economy while also making fiscally wise business decisions.

“I am 100% Conservative Republican, so lowering the County’s spending habits will be a huge focus for me,” Knutson said in a press release. “I also believe we need to take a serious look at new business recruitment within the community. With the changes we’ve seen in the coal, oil, and gas industries, it is important that we look to protect these crucial industries while also expanding our economy and growing with new industry."

He said this needs to be done using a commonsense approach while being financially responsible, but ultimately the end goal should reflect the best interests and the will of the people of Campbell County.

Those who know Butch personally know his strong determination, dedication, and tenacity to get things accomplished.

Knutson said he’ll fight for what is right and beneficial for Campbell County, and that he’ll be a strong voice for those who “want to keep our state and community sovereign, free from government overreach and the best place to raise a family.”

Butch and his wife Debbie have three children and nine grandchildren.