Atlas Carbon


Atlas Carbon

Atlas Carbon is a producer of the industry’s finest activated carbon products—and here’s why.

  • Atlas starts with vast, consistent, high-quality, low-cost raw material supplies.
  • Atlas utilizes the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art, rapidly expandable activated carbon production method.
  • Atlas integrates unparalleled activated carbon production performance that is dependable and precisely repeatable.
  • Atlas has the capability to store a vast inventory of activated carbon for added reliability of product supply.

The result is Outstanding Value, Performance, and Reliability for its customers: VPR

Atlas Carbon produces premium-grade, low-cost activated carbon products for air and water treatment systems. Located in the heart of the Powder River Basin in Gillette, Wyoming, Atlas Carbon combines the novel approach of using high-quality PRB coals as its feedstock, in combination with its patented Pneumatic Flash Calciner (PFC) activation process to produce the most cost-effective activated carbon solutions available today.

PRB coal is America’s most responsibly mined, cheapest, most abundant, and most consistent coal for producing the finest activated carbons. Atlas is well established in the very heart of PRB country, strongly focusing on quality feedstock, in response to decades of understanding carbons made from lignite – the lowest rank coal – and their inherently higher moisture and ash profiles. PRB coal is a cleaner, better option for producing activated carbon products.

Developed over decades, advancing science and engineering, the Atlas PFC process is transformative for activation. It is fast, produces higher yields, and establishes much greater control of the finished product. We are uniquely capable of delivering a wide variety of carbons, for many end-market applications. Furthermore, delivering close to a 90% micropore ratio maximizes adsorption potential, putting yet more of your product to work. PFC establishes tenability, efficiency, and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Reaction kinetics play a big role in porosity development during the activation phase. The Atlas PFC design allows for rapid, thorough, and uniform activation conditions, whereas with traditional activated carbon production methods, the bulk of the hot carbon’s external surface area is in limited contact with the activation gases during much of the carbon’s furnace retention time. Our optimal process-control generates a tighter pore size distribution during carbon activation under tighter parameters, yielding a very large percentage of micropores. Micropores are predominantly responsible for adsorption and permanent mercury capture. The result: every particle of activated carbon that we produce has been designed to have achieved maximum adsorption capacity.

Mailing Address: PO Box 2530 ♦ Site Address: 3574 N Garner Lake Rd ♦ Gillette, WY 82716 ♦ Phone: 307-685-7214