University of Wyoming “Business Innovation Summit”

From Barry Brewer, PhD:

The University of Wyoming Management & Marketing Department is pleased to announce an opportunity for your company to innovate processes, save money, and improve profitability. On May 5th, the College of Business invites your company to participate in our second semi-annual Business Innovation Summit.  This event will enable businesses to tap the innovative power of participating companies, students and faculty to address businesses processes issues and to search for solutions. We fully expect each company to walk away from the event with a number of ideas to improve business. Please check out some highlights from our last event by watching the video below.

This is a multifaceted event, which will include successful student-company project presentations (these projects are presented as a template for other companies to join this innovative effort), faculty research presentations, faculty-led innovation factory sessions (A.K.A. knowledge brokering), and innovation driven networking.  In the past year, we have partnered successfully with many companies including Cloud Peak Energy, Walmart, Anadarko Petroleum, Apple, Black Hills Corporation, Cisco Systems, Health Reach, Bridger Coal, Ivinson Memorial Hospital, CPA Group of Laramie, Wyoming Business Council, Jonah Bank, etc.  Our innovative collaborations have resulted in accelerated solutions to fundamental problems these companies face. A rough agenda for the event is attached to this email for you to peruse.


The cost of attendance is $150/individual, and includes lunch and refreshments on the 5th.  Please let us know if your company would like to sponsor a specific portion of the event (e.g. morning or afternoon snacks, a meal, the mixer or a student club).

We welcome you to come a day early, May 4th, to gather for an informal mixer that evening and to meet during the day with faculty to discuss company business process problems that you see as targets of potential engagement. If you want to schedule a meeting with faculty, please let us know your areas of interest (Supply Chain, HR, Marketing, etc.) and we will work to schedule a time that works for you.

As we prepare for this event, please let us know your availability to join us. Your feedback would be very much appreciated and most beneficial before April 15th.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

Barry Brewer, Ph.D.  Phone: 307-766-4244 • E-mail: