Fuel Business Incubator

FUEL - Fostering Upstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders

Fuel is Energy Capital Economic Development's business incubator, designed to provide assistance to new businesses and those just getting started. Located in ECED's Enterprise Center, 345 Sinclair Street, FUEL's goal is to help businesses that will diversify and expand our local economy.

2018 Year in Review

Although the Enterprise Center opened in 2016 and accepted its first incubator tenants in 2017, the real growth of the center occurred in 2018, once a volunteer director, Judith Semple, and a steering committee were in place. Here's what 2018 looked like:

Signature Events

  • Judith Semple volunteers to lead the business incubator
  • A six-member steering committee, comprising volunteer business leaders, was established
  • FUEL Business Incubator was selected as the name
  • A ribbon-cutting/grand opening for the Enterprise Center was held, at which the FUEL Business Incubator name was unveiled

Operational Milestones

  • A sign was erected to identify the building
  • An application process, including a background check, was implemented
  • A handbook for mentors and proteges was written
  • A 2019 Operations Plan was developed
  • Membership levels were introduced
  • This website was developed
  • Faster, more dependable high-speed Internet was installed
  • Building security was enhanced


  • Held 10 Lunch & Learns for incubator members and the public
  • Sponsored QuickBooks seminars and several other free educational opportunities
  • Participated in the Chamber of Commerce's Mega Mixer
  • Investigated the possibility of members using a commercial kitchen at the Tech Center and Cam-Plex
  • Implemented regular member meetings for information sharing and networking
  • Began displaying the work of local artists in the Enterprise Center
  • Began work on a Mentor Program
  • Awarded Outreach Memberships to winners of the Gillette College Start-Up Weekend


  • Ended the year with six In-House Members
  • Ended the year with two Outreach Members

Membership Information