Cloud Peak Energy

Cloud Peak Energy


Cloud Peak Energy Inc. is headquartered in Wyoming and is one of the largest U.S. coal producers and the only pure-play Powder River Basin (PRB) coal company. As one of the safest coal producers in the nation, Cloud Peak Energy mines low sulfur, subbituminous coal and provides logistics supply services. The Company owns and operates three surface coal mines in the PRB, the lowest cost major coal producing region in the nation. The Antelope and Cordero Rojo mines are located in Wyoming. In 2015, Cloud Peak Energy shipped approximately 75 million tons from its three mines to customers located throughout the U.S. and around the world. Cloud Peak Energy also owns rights to substantial undeveloped coal and complimentary surface assets in the Northern PRB, further building the Company’s long-term position to serve Asian export and domestic customers.

With approximately 1,400 total employees, the Company is widely recognized for its exemplary performance in its safety and environmental programs. Cloud Peak Energy is a sustainable fuel supplier for approximately three percent of the nation’s electricity.




Antelope Mine

The Antelope Mine is located in the southern end of the PRB, approximately 60 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. The mine extracts thermal coal from the Anderson and Canyon Seams, with up to 44 and 36 feet, respectively, in thickness. Antelope mined and shipped 35.2 million tons of low sulfur, 8,897 Btu coal in 2015. Coal mined from Antelope is shipped primarily to electric utilities in the Midwest, southwest and southeast United States.
Antelope Mine received two prestigious awards: the State of Wyoming Mine Safety Award in the Large Surface Mine category, and the Safe Sam Award, for safety performance records as the safest large mining operation and the safest coal mine in Wyoming during 2007 and 2008. Antelope was also awarded the Sentinels of Safety award in 2000 by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Sentinels of Safety is an award that recognizes the surface coal mine in the United States with the best safety performance for the year. Antelope was also recognized for the best safety performance in the U.S. in the surface coal mine category in 2000.
In 2003, 2009 and 2010 the Antelope Mine won awards from state and national organizations recognizing excellence in mine reclamation and wildlife stewardship.

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Cordero Rojo Mine

The Cordero Rojo Mine is located approximately 25 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. The mine extracts thermal coal from the Wyodak Seam, which ranges from approximately 55 to 70 feet in thickness. Cordero Rojo Mine mined and shipped approximately 22.9 million tons of low sulfur, 8,476 Btu coal in 2015. Coal mined from Cordero Rojo is primarily shipped to electric utilities in the west, midwest and southeast United States.
In 2015, Cordero Rojo Mine received the National Excellence in Surface Mining and Reclamation Award from the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement for the successful restoration of the Belle Fourche River. From 1996 to 2006, Cordero Rojo was recognized four times by state agencies for accomplishments in reclamation and wildlife habitat development.

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Cloud Peak on Climate Change;

Carbon capture and sequestration is a key technology that will allow for continued use of economic carbon-based fuels and CO2 reductions without economic dislocation. In January 2014, Cloud Peak Energy joined the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) partnership, which brings together the U.S. Department of Energy, major utilities led by Southern Company and other industry and academic stakeholders. The NCCC is responding to the call for the development of cost-effective CO2 capture technologies for coal-fired power generation. The organization provides first-class facilities to test new technologies that would support the continued use of coal for power generation.

At Cloud Peak Energy, we strive to innovate and make changes to our business that improve efficiency. Implementation of these new practices often brings significant reductions in energy use and emission of greenhouse gases. We record and document these improvements by setting and tracking related energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets. The 2014 mine site projects that resulted in energy and greenhouse reductions include:

  • Reuse of waste oil in blasting, which recovers the energy value of this by-product and reduces the amount of diesel that would be used
    in the blasting process;
  • Redesign of the backfill plan, resulting in timely and efficient reclamation of a completed mine area;
  • Conversion to lighter weight haul truck beds, resulting in less fuel use and reduced emissions; and
  • Improvements to the electrical system of our draglines, resulting in lower electrical demand and reduced CO2 emissions