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Buckskin Mining Company

Buckskin Mining Company is located 10 miles north of Gillette within the Southern Powder River Basin. One of the most productive mines in the U.S., the Buckskin Mine produces more than 27 million tons of coal per year from the Anderson and Canyon geologic formations. Since 1981, Buckskin has shipped more than 406 million tons of high-quality, low sulfur coal from the Southern Powder River Basin to numerous customers throughout the United States.

More than 70 million cubic yards of overburden are moved annually to uncover the 110-foot-thick coal seam. The use of multiple silos, in-pit crushing and an on-line quality analyzer allow crews to complete sophisticated blending techniques and produce a “super compliant” fuel that meets customers' exact specifications.

Buckskin has achieved notable success for its reclamation program. Buckskin won an award from the U.S. Department of the Interior for its efforts to restore the Rawhide Creek alluvial valley floor. The feat involved replacing topsoil on the alluvial valley floor following all mining operations in the area.

9545 N. US Highway 14-16 ♦ Gillette, WY 82717 ♦ Phone: 307-682-9144 ♦ Fax: 307-686-5445