• Peregrine Capstone Program

    Energy Capital Economic Development Silver Investor Peregrine Leadership Institute will be offering its Leadership Capstone Program in 2018. This program teaches the skills for effective leadership, imparts the knowledge to build strong teams, provides the tools for sensible decision making, and instills character for extraordinary results.  The material is covered in four, two-day workshops that ...

  • Thank you, Chamber of Commerce, for your support

    The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce has expressed its support for Energy Capital Economic Development and Gillette College. A letter from Dalton Huber, Chairman of the Board of Directors, states "Energy Capital Economic Development has worked tirelessly with limited staff and resources to develop programs that that will allow the expansion of the use of ...

  • Wyoming Business Council Sends Letter of Support

    Wyoming Business Council CEO Shawn Reese has sent a letter praising the efforts of Energy Capital Economic Development saying, in part: "Your efforts to align economic and workforce development will pay dividends and create opportunities for Wyoming's next generation. Read the full letter: SR to Energy Capital Economic Devel 31Oct2017.

  • Thank you, Kevin Hathaway

    Kevin Hathaway, Hathaway Activated Carbon, Inc., sent a letter to the editor of the Gillette News Record describing the assistance he has received from Energy Capital Economic Development. Kevin, we appreciate your support!


Campbell County population:


Median Income:


Primary industries:

Energy (oil and gas, coal), medical, school district

Top five employers:

Campbell County School District; Peabody Energy; Thunder Basin Coal; Campbell County Health; Cloud Peak Energy

Tax Rate:

Personal income 0%; Corporate Income 0%; Sales Tax 6% (State 4% - County 2%)

Unemployment Rate: